Jul 19

STAB! 183 – A Quick Feeding of the Ducks

Sometimes you just need to “pop out to the park”, “grab your stale loaf” and have a “quick feeding of the ducks”. If you know what we mean. Which you probably don’t. But you will. Eventually.

In this troublesome episode of STAB!, John Morris Ros IV welcomes foul friends Joe-Joe Louis, Kameron Schmid & Jesse Jones to share their three takes on BUTTHOLE, nine haiku about pet mailings, their thoughts on World Blood Donor Day, the Pledge of Allegiance, King William III, the Marajuana Tax Act, the Stars & Stripes, the Mind Bender, the synopsis for made-up movies, “Cream Handle Industry”, “Evasive Lumber”, & “Imagine Fragile Marble”, and erotic poems about Starbucks customers, trucking and transports, & sex.

That’s the stuff, a good ol’ sprinkling of feed where it’ll be enjoyed by just who’s gonna enjoy it most. Now we’ll just sit in this parking lot with our binoculars and watch our work be appreciated.

STAB! 183 - A Quick Feeding of the Ducks

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