Jul 23

STAB! 184 – Coupon Code

Alright, you all ready to settle up then? Yeah, I THOUGHT so. Well hold on just a second, you’ve gotta enter the coupon code. No, you GOTTA! Enter it! You might save something, I mean, that’s what you’d EXPECT, right? Then what could possibly go wrong? RIGHT?!

In this needlessly aggressive episode of STAB!, Jesse Jones guest hosts guest guests Melissa McGillicuddy, Nick Coleman and Bill Wallis and asks them to share their three different takes on EGGS, pick-up lines to and from a magnet, one of those reacher grabber things, & a tissue, explanations of shame to reality television, the Marvel Cinematic Universe to the Amish, & indentured servitude to a colony of bees, business pitches for a Cutco Knife salesperson in a town of hemophiliacs, a Lego store in a town where nobody wears shoes, & a pharmacy in the Middle Ages, and erotic letters to the editors of “The Smithsonian Magazine”, “Nuts & Volts Magazine”, & “In Fisherman Magazine”.

Yeah, lookit that, you gotta pay even MORE than you thought! You thought you were gettin’ a DEAL? NAW! The opposite of that! And you’re gonna pay it anyway, ‘cause that’s what’s up! THAT’S WHAT’S UP!

STAB! 184 - Coupon Code

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