Aug 12

STAB! 185 – Disinvited

It’s fine, no, seriously, it’s fine! I don’t care. I didn’t care. Even if you thought I cared before, which I didn’t, I don’t now either. I couldn’t have come anyway, so don’t even worry about it.

In this totally uninvited episode of STAB!, John Morris Ross IV tactfully navigates Court Hansen, Nick Magavern, Jaclyn Weiand and Jesse Jones through their four takes on F*CKME, a German traffic stop mixup, their thoughts about Adolph Sax, Robert Schuller, confirmation dog shows, The Nutty Professor, National Hand Shake Day, Raggedy Ann, Evander Holifiend, Mike Tyson, Carloman I, battle raps against Hanson, MacGyver, Cory Barringer & microwavable popcorn, and synopsis of made-up movies “Fish Sob”, “High Falutin Aftermath”, “The Superficial Dive Dogs”, & “Female Spin Spoon”.

Oh, and I totally forgot, I have this super awesome thing going on that night anyway, so really, you’re the one who should be sad you can’t go to my thing because of your dumb thing that I don’t want to be at anyway… Stupid.

STAB! 185 - Disinvited

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