Oct 02

STAB! 189 – Slumber Party

We’re gonna braid each other’s hair, and play UNO and probably talk about which boys we like too, probably! And we’re not gonna fall asleep because tonight we’re gonna live forever! This is gonna be the best night ever!

On this night gowned episode of the show called STAB!, John Morris Ross IV welcomes other light as a feather and stiff as a board guests Seth Draven, David Coleman, Zac Zealot & Jesse Jones to share their four different SEPARATEs, twelve haiku about blowing up mom, their thoughts on International Clown Week, Adolph Hitler, Apple Inc., the Chateau Typhoon, National Coloring Book Day, Rick James, the Census, Kevin Bacon & Kyra Sedgwick, the synopsis to made-up movies “Dad Pancake”, “Fireman Stew”, “Icy Jeans Girl”, & “Library Body Rule” and battle rap verses against the digestive system, David’s outfit, the Devil, & a branch on a tree.

Oh man, Jesse’s gonna be so mad when he wakes up and finds his bra in the freezer! This night’s just so much fun, I can’t wait until middle-school! Nothing’s going to change and things will always be this awesome forever!

STAB! 189 - Slumber Party

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