Oct 10

STAB! 191 – Gus & Janet

There’s a sweaty pitcher of lemonade sittin’ on a TV tray behind the patio railings what shoulda been repainted a couple summers ago now but things just keep comin’ up. Welcome on in, sit a spell, you’re home here.

In this adorable, home spun episode of STAB!, John Morris Ross IV welcomes on in Benton Harshaw, Brett Stults, Trip Hazard and Jesse Jones to share their four different reimaginings of INSIDEJOB, twelve haiku about trying to break a Jesus record, their thoughts on the Statue of David, George Burns, Henry Bliss, Tyler Perry, Super Mario Bros., prize fight fatalities, civilian air travel, & Tupac Shakur, pick-up lines to a rodent being eaten by a snake, Scooby Doo & Friends, powdered cacao, & a 9 volt battery, and the synopsis of made-up movies “The Expensive Potato Library”, “Synonymous Skin”, “Tiny Choke” & “Blow Sing Drop”.

It’s a simpler time here, seems like a storybook couple that don’t seem to exist this day ‘n ago no more. The kind what’ll die winthin’ hours of each other and we’ll all just nod ‘n say “Yup, that’s pert near how we guessed it was gonna go.”

STAB! 191 - Gus & Janet

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