Oct 17

STAB! 193 – Hold For Edit

Technology is amazing. And then it isn’t. You get a thing, it changes your life, it makes you wonder how you even existed before this. Then, just 20 or so years later, the thing isn’t very good any more! Planned obsolescence, am I right?!

In this magical, magical episode of STAB!, Jesse Jones welcomes David Coleman & Josh Kinkade to read aloud their two different ASLAs (one of which is an ATLA), six haiku about a driver’s Air Drop poop warning, their thoughts on who would win in a fight between the Butcher, the Baker and the Candlestick Maker, & Mighty Mouse vs. the Mighty Mighty Bosstones, the tourism guides for Cancel Cultureton, & Juulopolois, and the dating profiles of a box of assorted donuts, & a background character in a super hero movie.

I don’t– is this– I can’t see the, the scfreen,I’m just going to assume that what I’m typing is– damn it! Windows 95 still works fine on my Gatawaty! this is– shift. shift1 make letters capital damn it1 work111

STAB! 193 - Hold For Edit

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