Dec 02

STAB! 200 – Wet, Like a Turned On Crotch

Similes, they’re an important creative writing tool. They’re a figure of speech used to compare two things through the use of words such as “like” and “as”. They can be a powerful weapon when wielded properly.

In this 200th journey into creative combat, John Morris Ross IV leads intrepid warriors Stephen Ferris, Michelle Petro and Jesse Jones in a discussion of their three different takes on CLUCK, nine haiku about an Indian prenatal super drug, their thoughts on Piggly Wiggly, Barbara Streisand, Princess Diana, Carnation Evaporated Milk, Ted Kacsynski, and Billy Twelvetrees, the synopsis of made-up movies, “Cattle Impant”, “Bloody Zipper”, & “Pathetic Spider Ball”, and erotic poems about a spicy chicken sandwich, ducks, & the number 200.

Thank you for joining us on however many of these two hundred trips through our madness you’ve come with us on. Here’s to how ever many more we can manage to justify putting ourselves, and yourself, through.

STAB! 200 - Wet, Like a Turned On Crotch

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