Jan 27

STAB! 208 – No Comma, No Drama

In this punctuation free episode of STAB!, Jesse Jones hosts at Danielle Mandella, Jesse Rivera and Joe-Joe Louis as they share their three different BMIs, nine swinger club New Year’s party/Divorce Month haiku, their thoughts on who would win in fights between a chipmunk with seven PhDs vs. a mime with a jetpack, a vegan in a monster truck vs. a serial killer on a recumbent bike, & the Millenium Falcon vs. a millenial with a chest tattoo of a falcon, angry poems about compassion, slide whistles, & the future, and the tourism guides of Click-bait-sylvania, Jersey-Mike’s-burgh, & The Funny Bone Zone.

STAB! 208 – No Comma, No Drama

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