Feb 10

STAB! 212 – The Depths of YouTube

In this cruel, weird and ubiquitous world, STAB! exists, and in this EDITION of STAB!, Jesse Jones welcomes guests Melony Ford, Cory Barringer and Jack Brown to share with the void their three different NSYNCs, pick-up lines to and from a junk drawer, Party City, & ninjas, their picks of winners in fights between the Coven from the Craft vs. any Four Disney Princesses, a Mountain Goat vs. a Neutral Milk Hotel, & the Marvelous Mrs. Maisel vs. the Magnificent Don Muraco, their reviews of stuff, including a Yelp! review of an Ex, an Amazon review of Fingers and Toes, & a YouTube comment thread for Life, and the tourism guides for Carefreesburgh, Smugsylvania, and Fart Town! Like, review and subscribe, if you can stomach it!

STAB! 212 - The Depths of YouTube

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