Feb 14

STAB! 213 – Funny Names and Silly Voices

In this wacky sounding episode of STAB! boring ol’ Jesse Jones welcomes his much more nonsensically named guests Jason B, Benton Harshaw and Joe-Joe Louis to squeak in their craziest accents about their three different HJs, three limericks about new knees, business pitches for a gastro pub whose ingredients are secretly pet foods, a Mardi Gras party in the city of Conservative Caucasia, & a roadside fruit stand in the world of the Mario Kart games, the synopses for made-up movies: “Beauty & Filth”, “He Was a Teenage Centaur”, & “The Damnation of Canada”, and erotic letters to the editors of magazines: Garden & Gun, Dirt Wheels, & Sky & Telescope.

STAB! 213 - Funny Names and Silly Voices

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