Apr 22

STAB! 220 – Grumble Brag

In this difficult but awesome episode of STAB!, John Morris Ross IV welcomes begrudgingly awesome guests Jaclyn Weiand, Melony Ford, Christiana Dominguez and Jesse Jones to exchange four different HOMEs, twelve weird doll confusion haiku, their thoughts on The Book of Mormon, smoking in Scotland, the Vancouver Millionaires, Heaven’s Gate, Mt. Saint Helens, the Supreme Court, the UK Driving Test, and Guns ‘N Roses, descriptions of new toys “The Noisy Melt Bucket”, “The Gentle Pan”, “The Meek Seek Connect”, & “The Economic Kitten”, and wedding vows to The Month of March, dementia, somebody who constantly flakes on plans, & the person who uses Fast Passes to get to the front of the line at Disneyland.

STAB! 220 - Grumble Brag

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