Aug 10

STAB! 227 – Voluminous B-Hairs

In this lush, bouncin’ and behavin’ episode of the STAB! Show, host Jesse Jones welcomes panelists Court Hansen, Luke Soin & Alyssa Cowan to share their three different takes on PAM, pick-up lines to and from anxiety, wind & a dump truck full of kittens, the craigslist ads for the year 1918, some mellow ass vibes, & Alyssa’s very last nerve, campaign speeches from a toaster oven running for mayor of a 20 year old’s first apartment, a lego guy running for president of the toy box, & an old bar of soap running against a bottle of 3 in 1 shampoo, conditioner and body wash, and the business pitches of raffle ticket selling in Hell, a suspender salesman in the city of Beltsylvania, and the owner of an item shop in the first town a player visits in a role playing video game.

STAB! 227 - Voluminous B-Hairs

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