Sep 24

STAB! 232 – Throat Swabs

In this invasive, yet tantalizing episode of the STAB! Show, your host Jesse Jones asks panelists Rhoda Ramone, Sean Crandall & Joe-Joe Louis to open wide and share with your ear holes their three different FTLOGs, pick-up lines to and from the buffet at the Sizzler, aging, & the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, Craigslist ads for a storage unit full of bad decisions, a podcast, any one really, not like, a specific one about Craigslist or anything, & a box of haunted Christmas decorations, the recipes for a flea market in August, a recent divorcee’s new bachelor pad, & a YouTube commenter, and business pitches for a CrossFit in the city of Cake-lahoma, a travel agency in a city trapped under a dome, & a traffic school in the world of the Grand Theft Auto games.

STAB! 232 - Throat Swabs

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