Sep 28

STAB! 233 – I Know What Trees Like

In this arboreal turgid episode of the STAB! show, your oaken host Jesse Jones welcomes saplings David Coleman, Willie Travis and Jaclyn Weiand to share their three NIPSCOs, nine tree wedding anniversary related haiku, their various reviews of things, including a Yelp review of Limbo, a GrubHub review for a restaurant in a Fallout game, & the review of a sunrise left on Nextdoor, campaign speeches from a pepper grinder running against Ms. Dash, a recycling dumpster withdrawing from the race for Governor of the Apartment Complex, & a broken ping pong table running for President of the Kappa Gamma Kappa house’s lawn, and the run downs of new Fall TV series, “Squirrel Engineers”, “Stone Age Parent”, & “Who Wants To Be A Man?”

STAB! 233 - I Know What Trees Like

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