Oct 23

STAB! 235 – Axe Handles Just Happen

In this blunt force episode of the STAB! show, host and big dumb object Jesse Jones invites unwieldy panelists Trip Hazard, Aviva Siegel and Tyler Kinney to share with the ears of unsuspecting listeners their three takes on YACC, nine pieces found on the bathroom walls of Heaven, powerful closing arguments defending that fart right before the job interview that turned out to be something else, being surprised by a more graphic that expected sex scene while watching a movie with your parents, & both going the same direction after saying your goodbyes, the descriptions of the outcomes of fights between a super intelligent shark with an army of telepathic bees vs. a sentient monster truck made of skateboards and chainsaws, one Karen vs. 1000 Managers, & existential dread vs. unbridled joy, and the synopsis of made-up movies “Merlin Abides”, “The Mutants In Los Angeles”, & “The Falconer’s Flirtations”.

STAB! 235 - Axe Handles Just Happen

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