Oct 26

STAB! 236 – A Nice Set of Boundaries

Haaappy new episode everybody, in this all too real edition of the STAB! Show, Jesse Jones welcomes Alyssa Cowan, Christy Farley and Jaclyn Weiand to share with the office their three different CESTs, their selection of pick-up lines to and from a Spirit Halloween Store, a toaster with a really finicky darkness knob, & Marge in shipping, craigslist listings for free will, a closet full of self-help materials, & something rad, recipes for a lame rave, a book club, & Marge in shipping, and pitches for businesses including a martial arts teacher in a town populated entirely by guns, a mad scientist in a creepy castle overlooking a peaceful village below, & an anxiety themed amusement park.

STAB! 236 - A Nice Set of Boundaries

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