Oct 28

STAB! 237 – All The Wayca

In this single holed episode of the STAB! show, weird, confusing host Jesse Jones welcomes go with the flow panelists Cory Barringer, Christiana, & Jack Brown to share their three CCCs, the nine things on the bulletin boards of the break rooms of their nightmares, campaign speeches from an All-Terrain Tackle Grassmaster Jig running for a seat on the bait shop’s council, a box of raisins running for Mayor of an elementary school kid’s sack lunch, & a 70’s muscle car running against a brand new all electric Crossover SUV for 2021 Motor Trend Car of the Year, battle raps against frozen yogurt by the ounce, Christmas decorations on store shelves in the beginning of October, & contentment, and tourism guides for You-wouldn’t-believe-it-tropolis, The Alright Lakes, & Chain-Walletsburgh.

STAB! 237 - All The Wayca

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