Dec 21

STAB! 242 – Foreplay is for Suckers

In this patient, attentive episode of STAB!, giving host Jesse Jones welcomes Michelle Petro, Becky Lynn and Ben Rice to share their takes on BBL & TTYL, pick-up lines to or from an asteroid coming towards Earth, a spider in a bathtub, & a Golf Cart, bootleg versions of The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, My Little Pony, Adventure Time & Harry Potter, recipes for a wrap party, a person who puts truck nuts on their 2003 Camry, & a hoarder, and business pitches for a dentist in the world of the board game Candy Land, an authentic Soul Food restaurant in Gentrified Heights, a promoter of abstinence only education materials at swingers clubs.

STAB! 242 – Foreplay is for Suckers

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