Dec 24

STAB! 245 – Not Best Friends

In this good, very good, sincerely important and meaningful but not BEST episode of STAB!, nice enough host Jesse Jones welcomes pals Cory Barringer, Eric James Barger I, and Alyssa Cowan, to share their three different takes on IBGYBG, their bootleg versions of Pokemon, Carebears & Star Trek, their various reviews including a Car & Driver review of a Grilled Cheese Sandwich and a Bowl of Soup, a TripAdvisor review for a Bed & Breakfast in Mordor, & an Angie’s List review of Mr. Clean, battle rap verses against Goodwill, a C+, & Universal Basic Income, and their tourism guides for Cake-lahoma, But-Mooooom-ville, & The GUH Islands.

STAB! 245 - Not Best Friends

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