Feb 06

STAB! 249 – Mic Mute!

In this dramatically flourishing edition of the STAB! show, purely demonstrational host Jesse Jones welcomes a the forceful panel of Ben Feldman, Michelle Petro & Tyler Kinney to share with the dumbfounded, their three takes on CDC, pick-up lines to and from a box of break room donuts, a chalk outline, and irrigation, Craigslist postings for Ben’s 20s, a very unique, exotic creature that has a very particular set of caretaking rules and guidelines that must be strictly adhered to, and a moral compass, angry poems about prudes, dudes, and feuds, and the synopsis of made-up TV shows, “I Married A Star”, “Workaholic Pilots of Canada” and “The Next Ultimate Person”.

STAB! 249 – Mic Mute!

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