Mar 10

STAB! 253 – I Think Your Profession is Noble

In this essential edition of the STAB! show, your freshly sanitized host Jesse Jones leads socially distanced panelists Kim Martel, Jeff Brown & Danielle Mandella in honking their horns after 7pm and THEN sharing their three RTFMs, pick-up lines to and from a craigslists love seat, back hair, & contactless delivery, their recipes for the person behind the vehicle extended warranty scam calls, a flea market lemonade stand, & someone who tapes the return receipts to the gifts they give, angry poems about a breakfast nook, a library book, & a second look, and business pitches for a caricature artist who works at a cemetary, sensitivity training seminars in the city of Micro-aggression-ton, & a minor demon who buys souls in exchange for pretty lame special abilities.

STAB! 253 – I Think Your Profession is Noble

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