Mar 12

STAB! 254 – Plush Beyond Your Comprehension

In this unreasonably cozy edition of the STAB! show, your fluff-tacular host Jesse Jones welcomes a super cuddly panel of Willie Travis, John Morris Ross IV, & Rhoda D. Ramone to share their three different TARFU, nine haiku about the fun finds of an Irish litter warden, celebrations of Buster Douglas upsetting Mike Tyson, the birthdays of Cheryl Crow and Thomas Edison, & the first Robot TV show, who would win in made-up fights pitting a village of giant Smurfs vs. an army of miniature Godzilla, John’s 20’s vs. His 30’s, & a John Stamos body pillow powered by Rhoda’s insecurities vs. an acid spitting mechanic bull with chainsaw horns fueled by her self confidence, and tourism guides for PS2-lahoma, The Razzle-Dazzle Islands, & Prom-sylvania.

STAB! 254 - Plush Beyond Your Comprehension

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