May 05

STAB! 259 – Buff Wing

In this brawny, warm, comforting edition of the STAB! program, bi’s and tri’s a plentiful host Jesse Jones welcomes in the quivering, huddled panel of Cory Barringer, Michelle Petro and Tyler Kinney to share with YOU their three different takes on CCCDCC, nine items hung on the bulletin board of an action movie henchman job placement office, recipes for a young adult novel series, someone who keeps a wrapped present in their trunk just in case, & the perfect Thrift Store, wedding vows to AM roadwork in your neighborhood, Daylight Savings Time, & dollar store garbage bags, and business pitches for a wax museum in hell, you operate an artisanal cheese at a weekend farmers market in Lactose-intolerance-ville, & selling empathy out of the trunk of your car in a neighborhood inhabited entirely by CEOs.

STAB! 259 - Buff Wing

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