May 10

STAB! 261 – Tony Strikes Back

Here at STAB!, we understand that if we want Disney to someday unhinge its jaw and swallow us whole, we’re gonna need marketable franchises, like those found in the Jaclyn Cory Extended Universe, so in this world expanding edition of the STAB! show, Executive Producer Jesse Jones flings open the door to OUR house of ideas to find Nick Pettigrew, Brett Stults and Jaclyn Weiand sharing with us their three takes on GTFOH, nine topical haiku about April Fools Day, their celebrations of the introduction of Big Bang Theory, the founding of Apple Computers, and Netherlands same-sex marriage, craigslist ads for the Solar System, the contents of an abandoned super villain’s storage unit, and common courtesy, business pitches for a SCUBA instructor in Atlantis, a college recruitment booth at motocross events, and a pet groomer in a world of anthropomorphized cartoon animals.

STAB! 261 - Tony Strikes Back

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