May 13

STAB! 264 – So Much Dread

You feel that thing creeping up behind you? That thing that feels like it’s always been there, because it has. That’s the STAB! show! And in this introspective edition, your always aware and never at peace host Jesse Jones welcomes the sorrowful panel of Evan Nyarady, Jessica Deprez & Becky Lynn to share with you their three different OFFSWNs, pick-up lines to and from miniature golf, community college & Nerf, celebrations of the birth of Major League Baseball, Earth Day, Jack Nicholson, and the Land Rush of 1889, craigslist postings for a pond full of ducks inviting interested parties to attend their upcoming wealth building seminar, a newly divorced middle aged insurance salesman posting in search of band members, & a hitman posting a missed connection, and the synopsis of made-up movies “Nuclear Groundhog Day”, “Sensational Mountain”, & “The Suffering of Toronto”.

STAB! 264 - So Much Dread

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