May 18

STAB! 266 – From Skank to Skeezer, Ranch to Aioli

The journey is just as important as the destination, you have to remember where you came from to appreciate where you’ve gotten. In this hustlin’ edition of the STAB! show, boss bitch and host Jesse Jones welcomes a panel of soldiers including Molly Doan, Emma Haney & Jack Brown to share their keys to unstoppable gains, AND their three different OOTDs, bootleg knockoffs of Falcon & The Winter Soldier, Queen’s Gambit, and Rick & Morty, recipes for the Best Ladies Night Ever, a dumb argument that neither person can remember how it started but neither will back down from either, & a crypto currency, dating profiles for quirky, a sympathy card, & Spam fries, and pitches for new business ventures including s Midway Arcade (complete with ticket redemption prizes) in a Michelin Starred Restaurant, a Lego Store in Lincoln-log-lahoma, & the owner and operator of a Ski Lift in the middle of the Great Plains.

STAB! 266 - From Skank to Skeezer, Ranch to Aioli

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