May 24

STAB! 267 – I Saw A Dog The Other Day

Some days are better than others. And then some days, you see a dog. On this blissful pure, tail wagglin’ edition of the STAB! show, belly rubbin’ host Jesse Jones welcomes a panel of the goodest panelists: Allie Rubin, Marco Cabodi and Ben Rice, to share with the world their three different GFEs, nine break room bulletin board items on a post apocalyptic bunker, closing arguments in defense of NON-bottomless Mimosas, that person who always wears too much perfume or cologne, & picking the wrong check-out lane, no matter which one you choose, angry poems about blimps, limps, & shrimps, and tourism guides to State-Fair-sburgh, Beep-Boop-ville, & the Store Brand Canyon.

STAB! 267 - I Saw A Dog The Other Day

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