Jun 03

STAB! 269 – Sorry About The Smell

Welcome to the STAB! show, don’t check your shoes, that’s just how it is around here. In this fragrant edition of the program, pungent host Jesse Jones welcomes a fresh as a daisy panel including Bill Wallis, Honcho McDucket and Jaclyn Weiand to share their three stanky takes on BATFE, pick-up lines to and from a haunted house, Honcho’s Amazon Wishlist, & Flamin’ Hot Cheetos, craigslist ads for a couple storage tubs of old Wizard crap, a macaroni art gallery, & eternal youth, dating profiles for a duffle bag full of old muscle car magazines, the final boss in an RPG, & a Cabbage Patch Adult, and rundowns for new Fall TV series “Alcoholic Raw Stars”, “The Horrible Bionic People”, & “Glamour & Gladiators”.

STAB! 269 - Sorry About The Smell

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