Oct 01

STAB! 270 – A Show Like Some Other Shows

No, you’re in the right place, we know it’s hard to tell at first, but, you are. In this pretty similar edition of the STAB! program, that one guy, host Jesse Jones, welcomes a familiar yet distinct enough panel of Sean Crandall, Stephen Ferris and Melony Ford to share their three recognizable takes on SNL, nine bulletin board items from the Space X break room, recipes for someone who will never go back into a fast food place to have their order corrected no matter how wrong it was when they opened the bag, doing just enough to just barely scrape by in your senior year of high school, and that friend who doesn’t have your best interest in mind, angry poems about glue, stew, & you (Melony Ford), and tourism guides for Targettysburg, Mixtape-lahoma, & Sorry-Not-Sorry-ville.

STAB! 270 - A Show Like Some Other Shows

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