Oct 05

STAB! 271 – Whype & Warsh

Keep it tidy, keep it fraysh, swab it down and spritz if awf! Personal grooming is important on the STAB! Show, and your well swabbed host Jesse Jones welcomes a sparkly gleaming panel of Christy Farley, Daniel Kessenich & Tyler Kinney to share their three takes on BFP, their bootleg knock off versions of Ocean’s 11, Muppet Babies & Breaking Bad, and their thoughts on the Salem Witch Trials, the Sopranos series finale, the first boat race between Oxford & Cambridge, and the US Naval Academy, dating profiles from a book of stamps with social anxiety, a public park with imposter syndrome, & a bag of Marshmallow Mateys with delusions of grandeur, and their business pitches for a psychic medium in the world of the Pac Man games, conflict resolution services in the world of the Mortal Kombat games, & pharmaceutical company in the world of the Mario Brother games.

STAB! 271 - Whype & Warsh

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