Jan 20

STAB! 275 – How Tight’s Yer Puddin’ Bag?

Mmmm, this episode of the STAB! show is like a Hefty full of Snack Pack and your host Jesse Jones has got a sudden craving to hear heaping spoonfuls of sweet, sweet funny from the panel of Allie Rubin, Alex Shewmaker & Kim Martel as they share their three takes on TTKSF, three sets of pick-up lines to and from plausible deniability, a foosball table, & the break room coffee maker, recipes for a karaoke bar, a slasher film victim, & a pretty typical rideshare experience, angry poems about cutting in line, rosemary and thyme, & a victimless crime, and pitches for small businesses including a poverty fantasy camp for billionaires, a sommelier for the gross condiment concoctions made by drunks at 3am at Denny’s, & someone who fills lending libraries in their neighborhood with hardcore pornography.

STAB! 275 – How Tight’s Yer Puddin’ Bag?

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