Jan 24

STAB! 277 – Cybercade Funzone Fashion Square Scottsdale

Welcome fun seekers and thrill goers! In this loud, bright and exciting episode of the STAB! show, ticket booth operator and host Jesse Jones welcomes panel of power cards Cory Barringer, Kameron Schmid & Jordan Gannon to share their three takes on AYTMTB, bootleg versions of VeggieTales, Ben & Jerry’s, & America’s Got Talent, campaign speeches from a tube of Chapstick running for Mayor of a fanny pack, a “No Horseplay” sign running for sheriff of the apartment complex pool area, & a parachute guy proposing redistricting of shelf space in a ticket redemption cabinet, reviews of stuffs including a Popular Mechanics review of Pop Punk, YouTube comments on Grandmas, & an Amazon review for the Human Respiratory System, and business pitches for selling subscription food boxes to spiders, a busking street magician in Heaven, & building wealth workshops in a city where all of the people are made of gold and precious stones.

STAB! 277 - Cybercade Funzone Fashion Square Scottsdale

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