Apr 11

STAB! 281 – Please Don’t!

In this for external use only episode of STAB! your use as directed host Jesse Jones welcomes the no-no-goesinya panel of Sean Crandall, Edgar Granados & Kim Martel to share their three TTFNs, bootlegs of Suicide Squad, Guess Who?, & Jiffy Lube, craigslist postings for all the things someone has collected with Biblical faces CLEARLY appearing on them, consent, & an incomplete lot of various Jupiter and Saturn moons, wedding vows to Imperialism, that water that first comes out of the ketchup bottle if you don’t shake it up first, & back to school 2021, and small business pitches for selling chastity belts at Burning Man, someone who sells x-ray specs and other novelty items in a town entirely populated by super heroes, & a car rental service at NASCAR races.

STAB! 281 – Please Don’t!

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