Apr 12

STAB! 282 – He Was Too Much Spaghetti

In this heapin’ plate full of an episode of STAB!, your saucy host Jesse Jones welcomes oodles of noodles of panelists Eric James Barger I, David Coleman, & Jaclyn Weiand to share their three meaty takes on GAV, nine items from the break room Bulletin Board of the 2021 Teacher’s Lounge, Campaign Speeches from a large paddle with the word “slut” cut out of it, running for the post of orgy supervisor, a sandwich bag full of twist ties demanding to be included in this junk drawer runoff debate, & a single remaining wing from a 12 piece KFC bucket campaigning for a spot on the fridge council of leftovers, angry poems about crunk, flunk, & drunk, and tourism guides for Party City, Amazon Distribution Center J780523, & That’s-The-Way-It-Goes-ylvania.

STAB! 282 - He Was Too Much Spaghetti

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