Apr 29

STAB! 285 – Money Doesn’t Mean Anything

In this completely fabricated and valueless episode of the STAB! show, host and stack of meaningless rectangles Jesse Jones welcomes a panel of pointless metal circles, Kim Martel, Dylan Thomas Fox, & Ben Feldman to share their three different MDMA’s, nine Toon Town break room bulletin board items, celebrations of the Mayflower, Old Ironsides, & Frasier, the Dating Profiles of an everything bagel, a single use shopping bag full of baked beans left abandoned on a light rail train, & San Francisco parking, and Tourism Guides for You’ve-Gotta-Be-Shittin-Me-sville, Shrug-lahoma, & The Who-Told-You-That Archipelago.

STAB! 285 - Money Doesn’t Mean Anything

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