Jun 02

STAB! 288 – Rhoda! Rhoda! Rhoda!

In this chant worthy episode of STAB! (Rhoda!) your non-Rhoda host Jesse Jones (Rhoda!) welcomes electrifying guests Rhoda Ramone(!!!), Jeff Brown & Jack Brown to share with everyone their three different HAKAS, pick-up lines to or from a smash cake, action movies, & powdered drink mix, closing arguments in defense of a slow moving freight train that you didn’t even know still goes through the city but always seems to show up when you’re in a hurry, hypochondria, & a shook up beer, reviews of things, including a review of Love bought off Wish, a Tripadvisor review of Flavor Town, & a Nextdoor thread about a neighborhood child’s roadside soda and cookie table, and the synopsis of made-up movies, Insanity Canyon, Contest King, & Alarming Boy.

STAB! 288 – Rhoda! Rhoda! Rhoda!

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