Jun 06

STAB! 290 – Soup To Nuts

In this all encompassing episode of the STAB! show, Alpha host Jesse Jones welcomes an Omega panel of Kim Martel, Michelle Petro & Joe-Joe Louis to give their takes on JOB, bootleg versions of Halloween, Thanksgiving, & Christmas, campaign speeches from a 2009 Kia Soul running for Mayor of a used car lot, a Halloween decoration running for a position on the Christmas Tree, & an NPC shopkeeper in a starting village bucking for the salesman of the year trophy in an RPG world, reviews of things, like a Yelp review of Kim’s Kitchen, an Amazon review of dinosaurs, & a Game Informer review of depression, & tourism guides for Passive-aggresive-ton, Pumpkin-spice-lahoma, & Aspirational Heights.

STAB! 290 - Soup To Nuts

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