Jun 13

STAB! 294 – Biblioyaga

In this highly literate episode of the STAB! show, your host and famed cryptid, Jesse Jones welcomes a vengeful and just panel of Nick Pettigrew, Marco Cabodi & Melony Ford to share their three takes on WOTAN, nine Thanksgiving and Black Friday haiku, the victors in fights between a landfill full of obsolete technology vs. a cartoon jungle cat with cool cool glasses and a wakeboard, a mountain of Men In Black II VHS tapes vs. a cartoon rhinoceros with a backward cap and a Razor scooter, & a library full of banned books, vs. a cartoon bird in a belly shirt and board shorts on roller blades, angry poems about jock, flock, & smock, and synopsis of made-up movies King Magic and the Dogtrons, Tornado 4000, & the Body Shooters.

STAB! 294 - Biblioyaga

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