Jun 21

STAB! 300 – A STAB! Family Year End Special, 2021

In our annual Year End Blowout edition of the STAB! show, super grateful host Jesse Jones welcomes a slew of show producers including Chad Bogard, Jorge Francisco Hernandez, Skip Bacon, Jason Whitesel, Carissa Edwards, Jess Roberts, David Coleman, Katy Grant, Milk Surface, Court Hansen, Madie Nishimi, Heather Rogue, Nicole Eichenberg, Cory Barringer, Spenser Sellens, Buddy Dean, Jaclyn Weiand, Pete Abeyta, Parker Newman, Leo Antolin, Stephen Ferris, & Melony Ford to share their takes on TSSTHE, bootlegs of Batman, Full House, & West World, recipes for an ideal New Year’s Eve Party, someone who craps out on their New Year’s Resolutions after two weeks, & a 300 episode podcast, angry poems about root beer, a pickle spear, all temperature Cheer, & the New Year, synopsis of made-up movies Damnation & Sensation, Dirk Maximum, The Whorehouse of Wonder, & Motorcycle College, and Tourism Guides for Carson-Daly-lahoma, Do-overs-borough, Ball-drop-sylvania, & 300-ville.

STAB! 300 - A STAB! Family Year End Special, 2021

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