Jun 22

STAB! 301 – The Derek Douglas Cinematic Universe

In this sprawling multiversal episode of the STAB! show, watcher and host Jesse Jones welcomes a crossover panel of Sean Crandall, Dayne Bryant & Eric James Barger I to share their three takes on AADD, pick-up lines to and from a crosswalk button, general relativity, & turkey bologna, celebrations of New Mexico, John Delorean, Joan of Arc, Nancy Kerrigan, Morse code & submarine telephone calls, reviews of things, like a TripAdvisor review of Mega City One, a Car & Driver review of the Human Body, & a Game Informer review of living in Los Angeles, rundowns of Fall TV series, “Professor Thunder”, “Suffering Party”, & “Book Man”!

STAB! 301 - The Derek Douglas Cinematic Universe

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