Jun 28

STAB! 304 – tacobellqueen432

In this 300 free minute episode of the STAB! show, free CD and host Jesse Jones welcomes a panel full of MORE free CDs, Nick Pettigrew, Ben Feldman, & Molly Doan to share their three FTEs, musings on the bathroom walls of the 90s, craigslist postings for a pit dug in your backyard that leads straight to hell, a set of guided meditation tapes recorded while going through a break-up, & seven minutes of complete, utter, absolute calm, results of fights between a sleepy toddler armed with a pillowcase full of doorknobs vs. a hacker with IBS, a 40 something woman with a brand new real estate license vs. a shipping container full of broken MacBooks, & a pitbull on roller skates vs. a hang glider powered by a sudden craving for pancakes, erotic letters to the editors of Writer’s Digest, Dell Logic Problems, & Cruising World.

STAB! 304 - tacobellqueen432

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