Jul 20

STAB! 308 – We Love You Crackle

In this easily and reliably streaming episode of future Crackle Original, the STAB! show, host and devoted Chicken Soup for the Soul employee hopeful, Jesse Jones welcomes a very grateful and appreciative panel of Aviva Siegel, Dylan Thomas Fox, & Molly Doan to share their three ILPs, nine Crackle break room bulletin board items, campaign speeches for a box of Do Si Does running for Mayor of Girl Scout Cookies, a speed bump running for a position on a NASCAR track, & white polka dots running for a position on a Rainbow, angry poems about knees, trees, & please, and business pitches for a true crime podcast in a city populated entirely by vengeful ghosts, someone that transfers digital media to physical media like VHS and cassette tapes, & selling plastic garbage to sea animals.

STAB! 308 - We Love You Crackle

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