Oct 02

STAB! 311 – Meet The Bargies

In this weird, complicated, but still lovable episode of the STAB! show, old dirty Harry Potter shirt wearer and host Jesse Jones welcomes the whole wacky clan of Haneyacs, Eric Barger, Michelle Petro & Molly Doan to share their three takes on LYLAS, Bootlegs of Hot Wheels, Legos, & Barbie, craigslist posts selling personalized mixtape services, a crab trap full of impossible things, & a seat in a GoldenEye tournament, Dating Profiles for a cartoon mouse named Herbert, a caterpillar, & a Lifted 2020 Superduty Ford F-350 Platinum Everest Edition, and the synopsis of made-up movies “Cinderella vs. The Beast”, “Mudslide”, & “Terror Office”.

STAB! 311 - Meet The Bargies

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