Oct 07

STAB! 314 – We’re Gonna Eat The Artichoke

In this confusing but manageable edition of the STAB! show, puzzled host Jesse Jones welcomes a health conscious panel of Rhoda Ramone, David Shapiro & Edgar Granados to share their three takes on AAGPBL, nine haiku about Louis C.K.’s Grammy, campaign speeches from a wilted houseplant running for Mayor of an office cubicle, an expired jar of mayo with maybe a tablespoon’s worth of usable spread inside lobbying for another term in the fridge, & a handful of Pizza Hut red pepper flake packets running for a seat on the spice rack, dating profiles for freckles, a dilapidated playground, & soccer, and synopsis of made-up movies “Santa Clause Rides Again”, “The Millionaire of Businesses”, & “Ghost Challengers”.

STAB! 314 - We’re Gonna Eat The Artichoke

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