Jan 09

STAB! 317 – Alright Matthew

In this perfectly agreeable episode of the STAB! show, your super mellow host Jesse Jones welcomes a chill AF panel of Sean Crandall, Christiana, & Cory Barringer to share with, you know, whoever, their three takes on ARM, nine items on Passive Aggression’s break room bulletin board, recipes for a couple who carves their initials inside a heart into a tree trunk, an injury attorney with billboard ads that use a rhyme with their name, & the perfect high five, the results of fights between Zen Buddhism vs. a Trader Joe’s parking lot, all of Christiana’s exes vs. a haunted house, & a 2011 Dodge Durango with multiple recall notices and nothing left to lose vs. a rag tag group of mismatches dish towels recently donated to Goodwill with everything to live for, and angry poems about mice, spice, & twice.

STAB! 317 - Alright Matthew

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