Mar 02

STAB! 319 – Bumpin’ Mustaches

In this oddly sexy episode of the STAB! show, lip rugged host Jesse Jones says hi-diddly-oh to a room full of confusingly hot individuals, including a panel of David Coleman, Emily Pedersen & Jaclyn Weiand who were asked to share their takes on WICBS, pick-up lines to and from erosion, Carmax, & onomatopoeia, closing arguments in defense of spray tans, no one telling you all day that you had a very noticeable booger peeking out of your nose, & writer’s block, explanations of things including explaining the metric system to Americans, explaining panic to someone who’s too chill, brah, & explaining conspiracies to someone in a succulent garden, and small business pitches for sensitivity training workshops for Alpha Males, a salon that specializes in tiger makeovers, & a videographer who provides tasteful porn shoots for people’s parents for Mother’s and Father’s Day gifts.

STAB! 319 - Bumpin’ Mustaches

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