Jul 01

STAB! 321 – What’s New?

In this crisp, refreshing episode of the STAB! show, new car scented host Jesse Jones welcomes fresh of the line panelists Molly Doan, Trip Hazard & Tyler Kinney to usher in Five Brand New Segments, including their new STAB!tionary entries from random letters GBUHUNY, BLGISET, & ASLWIIY, greeting cards for when you can’t even, somebody who’s sucked up to the boss for the first time, & a break-up-iversary, descriptions of theme restaurants including “After The Bar is Closed”, the ACTUAL 80s, & a weekend dad, break downs of new drugs Confetti Daps, Splervaizin, & Orange, Blue and Thunder Dippity Dangs, and the recaps and descriptions of Podcasts from Pokemon, a bag of Oreos, & a Tortoise, a Jar of Change and a Bean Bag Chair.

STAB! 321 - What’s New?

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