Jul 21

STAB! 325 – Everybody Loves Bradypus

In this slow moving and super adorable episode of the STAB! show, little smoosh face host Jesse Jones welcomes a panel of lethargy bois, Kim Martel, Mikhail Chernyavsky & Jaclyn Weiand to share with the world their three takes on AHA, greeting cards for “So You Thought You Were On Mute”, a super belated birthday, & “Happy Juneteenth from a White Person”, craigslist postings for Kim’s Grandma’s recipe book, lawn furniture fashioned from the bones of your enemies, & spots in a cold yoga class, wedding vows to immediately forgetting what you just walked into the other room for, dropping your phone in the toilet, & micro plastics, and rundowns of podcasts run by three sloths, ASMR Review, & Spirit Halloween Store Spotters.

STAB! 325 - Everybody Loves Bradypus

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