Jul 26

STAB! 327 – Maple Apple Oat Cakes

In this health-licious AND nutritious episode of the STAB! show chock full-a-nuts host Jesse Jones welcomes a hearty and filling panel of Dayna Bryant, Stephen Ferris & Kameron Schmid to share their three takes on MAO, a freeform topical haiku challenge, campaign speeches including an embarrassing memory from Middle School running for a spot on the Dream Council, a road flare running for Mayor of a car’s trunk & an empty energy drink can running for a position on the Under the Passenger Seat Council of Elders, descriptions of new drugs including Sticky Sliders, Clorvaxyl, & Larry Birds, and erotic letters to the editors of Highsnobiety, Maximum PC, & Ranger Rick: Dinosaur Magazine.

STAB! 327 - Maple Apple Oat Cakes

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