Jul 29

STAB! 328 – Scarouse Me

In this oddly frightening yet horned up episode of the STAB! show, your Boo Boi and host Jesse Jones welcomes the terrifyingly titillating panel of Aviva Siegel, Jillian Marie & Nick Pettigrew to give us their three SMPTEs, pick-up lines to and from a box of wine, the VHS aisle of a thrift store, & a spray bottle of I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter, recipes for someone who snaps their gum in the office all day, an 80s comedy, & a day at the State Fair, dating profiles for a gaggle of geese, a guy who doesn’t own sleeves, & compound interest, and the descriptions of new Fall TV programs, “Good Breakthrough”, “The Fighters of Power”, & “Invasion of Life Mountain”.

STAB! 328 - Scarouse Me

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